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Dangerous Prayer

Several years ago, the prayer below appeared on the 24-7 prayer website. I set it to appear when my computer started, and consequently prayed it most days. In the light of recent struggles, I think it’s time I did that … Continue reading

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What was that about?

I said in a previous post that I was puzzled by the session with Brent Borthwick of Fresh Fire Ministries. I’d seen the one-hour God TV presentation of the Florida Healing Outpouring. I thought it all a bit strange. Recognising … Continue reading

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Refreshing the Thirst?

(Originally written in journal 23/08/07 09:28) Sat in Belmont garage in Selkirk waiting for my car. Rattle recently resurfaced and they are investigating. Been trying to write something for Bill’s funeral but mind is a blank. Been reading “Inside Out” … Continue reading

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