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Dangerous Prayer

Several years ago, the prayer below appeared on the 24-7 prayer website. I set it to appear when my computer started, and consequently prayed it most days. In the light of recent struggles, I think it’s time I did that … Continue reading

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So what was it like for you?

I’m sorry for the silence of recent days. Friday was absorbed with packing up tents ready for a speedy departure after the evening session. Saturday we unpacked and (sort of) prepared for Sunday, which was taken up with meetings and … Continue reading

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Unaccustomed stillness

Accustomed as I am to speaking, both publicly and privately, I find it very difficult to be quiet. Even when not conversing aloud I tend to hold discussions in my head. Silence and contemplation do not come naturally to me … Continue reading

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The Right Direction

In a message for Father’s Day, we consider what it means to follow God’s direction. http://www.sermonplayer.com/mp.swf StevenWhat a Mighty God we Serve!

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