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The problem with labels…

Two recent, apparently unrelated, news stories have troubled me for similar reasons. The first concerns the Church of England’s new guidance on tackling bullying in its schools. The Archbishop of Canterbury writes that everyone should be free to explore their … Continue reading

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Change starts with me!

Eurovision 2015 Congratulations to Sweden on a well-deserved win at the Eurovision Song Contest. Under the theme of Building Bridges, the presenters were keen to stress the unifying force of music in the face of political tensions. And it seems … Continue reading

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Time to stop arguing

Pulpit view in Hawick News 26 October 2012 Are you a pleb? Do you think it’s an insult? Government chief whip Andrew Mitchell lost his post for allegedly using this word, even though the policeman he “insulted” has accepted an … Continue reading

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A truly lasting legacy?

Published in Hawick News: Pulpit view 21st August 2012 As part of the London 2012 legacy, The Salvation Army and Essex County Council are working together to create permanent recreational facilities for the public at Hadleigh Farm, venue for the … Continue reading

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A place for everyone

Pulpit view in Hawick News 25th May 2012 – Captain Steven Turner 8,000 runners, 8,000 miles, 1,000 towns and villages, 70 days. Culminating in London in July the Olympic Torch relay features some famous names. But most of the torchbearers … Continue reading

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Don’t Tolerate Tolerance

Pulpit view Hawick News Friday 23 September 2011 Captain Steven Turner, Hawick Salvation Army For some years there has been a political dream that we can have a tolerant society with no discrimination. But Dale Farm, 9/11, phone hacking and … Continue reading

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The positive side of unrest

http://twitpic.com/63g7jr So much has been made of the riots in London. The BBC has hounded politicians and police officers, almost blaming them for the unrest. But the news footage clearly shows people looting and wrecking small local businesses that have … Continue reading

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