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Why should I do it?

Faithwriters.com Challenge – 9th March 2017 – Intermediate – Topic: Onerous – 2nd Place Six months ago I left behind congregational leadership to take on a new role within my denomination. I had asked for I change, but did not … Continue reading

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I’ll do it later

Faithwriters.com Challenge – 11th August 2016 – Topic: Procrastination I did it again! I’ve a terrible habit that keeps recurring even though I’ve tried for years to conquer it. Most recently it occurred in the writing of this article, but … Continue reading

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Getting back on the road

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here. In part, it’s because I got busy with work in Berwick Corps, in part because of helping my wife Elizabeth with putting together her dissertation, and in part because we … Continue reading

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Let’s get Mary Portas in to church!

Last night watched Mary Queen of Shops on BBC2. Mary Portas went to work on HT Burt, a gentleman’s outfitter that was stuck in a 1970’s time warp. The owner, grandson of the original proprietor, seemed afraid to deviate to … Continue reading

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Communicating for a change

Last December I started recording Sunday morning meetings for our folk who can’t make it to the hall. At first I made copies on cassette, but it took too long. So in January I began making CDs. Going back to … Continue reading

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Hanging on to me

(Journal 25/08/2007 08:05) Reading Larry Crabb’s book “Inside Out” confirms my attempts at self-preservation. I seem to be getting even further away from the 1 Corinthians 13 ideal of love, yet it seems to draw me even more. I want … Continue reading

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Up from down under

As a strong proponent of church unity, I feel slightly guilty (but only slightly ) at missing two consecutive joint services. Last Sunday evening was Together in Praise at the Congregational church. But my cousin and his wife from Australia … Continue reading

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How readily we ascribe to truth, then find ways to deny it when it proves inconvenient. I’m currently reading Totally Sufficient, a series of essays on biblical counselling. The premise of the book is that the Bible is sufficient to … Continue reading

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