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What’s in a name?

Faithwriters.com Challenge entry – 12 October 2017 – Advanced – Topic: Storm In November 2015, Abigail stormed into the west coast of Scotland to join an elite but growing club. Having seen an increasing number of severe weather events in … Continue reading

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What if?

I’ve signed up to Vimeo and posted a movie. Better stuff on here than most of YouTube. Among the films I found was “Two inches to the right”  It’s an animation based on a poem by Mat Lloyd. Worth watching … Continue reading

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My story in 60 words

Following on from the Bible in 50 Words, we were asked to write a summary of our own lives. (Actually we had 60 boxes on the page!) Here’s mine. Born SeasideOfficers’ KidBrotherMidlandsSchoolBitReadingThiefNorthLeaky RoofTin BathPolice StationBirthday MoveJunior SoldierOrange JumperSister11+ in officeGrammar … Continue reading

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Why Grimsby?

You may be asking, “why was he doing meetings in Grimsby?” Indeed, you may even be asking, “Where is Grimsby?” It’s here! I was born in Cleethorpes in 1963, and lived in the back of 10 Brighton Street, just yards … Continue reading

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