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Do you hear what I hear? – Worship@ Home Sunday, 31 May 2020

The Salvation Army, Prestonpans Corps (Major Elizabeth Turner) Song 220    Holy, holy, holy (Tune: Nicaea) Holy, holy, holy,Lord God Almighty!Early in the morning our song shall rise to thee;Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty,God in three persons, blessed Trinity! Holy, … Continue reading

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The true Olympic spirit-strangely Christlike

I really enjoyed the London 2012 Olympic Games. I think they were a great success in so many ways beyond the excellent sporting spectacle. The motto of the games was “Inspire a generation”. Whilst the main aim was to encourage … Continue reading

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Our littlest big test?

It is good for us that we sometimes experience little annoyances and thwartings; such experiences bring a man back within himslef, so that he can realise he is in exile and withdraw from anything on earth. It is good that … Continue reading

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Dangerous Prayer

Several years ago, the prayer below appeared on the 24-7 prayer website. I set it to appear when my computer started, and consequently prayed it most days. In the light of recent struggles, I think it’s time I did that … Continue reading

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Pot – kettle – black

I’m always astounded at how supposedly rational people use the internet to insult and ridicule each other. Among the subjects that get people riled, the middle east war and alleged anti-semitic or anti-arab statements. Some of the talk pages of … Continue reading

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Is this the reason?

In answer to a question I posed earlier, here is part of the answer: For most of my life, holiness has been a conviction and a passion. As a candidate, and hopefully a younger officer, there was an urgency to … Continue reading

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How readily we ascribe to truth, then find ways to deny it when it proves inconvenient. I’m currently reading Totally Sufficient, a series of essays on biblical counselling. The premise of the book is that the Bible is sufficient to … Continue reading

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