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Modern day apostles

I have believed for some years that the structure of The Salvation Army requires its officers to fill the role of apostles. Indeed I have at times described myself as an apostle. These statements have generally received one of two … Continue reading

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God’s presence

Monday passed in a bit of a blur. General tiredness, exhaustion from ministry and an over long walk in the sun on Sunday afternoon left me rather dopey on Monday morning. The night before we heard Heidi Baker describe amazing … Continue reading

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Symbol of hope

Most of the worship has not captivated me this year. On Sunday morning Kenny Borthwick reminded us that worship involves body, soul & spirit. I know I sometimes struggle with letting hp of my emotions. There are a couple of … Continue reading

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Day 1 over

We survived day 1 of our camping experience unscathed. The weather was beautiful but very windy. We have some bright red patches after a walk in the sun. And at teatime we had to avoid chicken from our casserole flying … Continue reading

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Arrived safely

We are here in St Andrews with three tents erected. Alex and Elizabeth are busy inflating the mattress while Andy makes tea. The rain has subsided for now but we still have plenty of clouds. Maybe we are in for … Continue reading

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Singing in the rain?

It’s late Friday night, and the wind is driving the rain against the windows. In 12 hours we are due to rendezvous with friends en route for CLAN Gathering at St Andrews. We are camping again, though the tent is … Continue reading

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So what was it like for you?

I’m sorry for the silence of recent days. Friday was absorbed with packing up tents ready for a speedy departure after the evening session. Saturday we unpacked and (sort of) prepared for Sunday, which was taken up with meetings and … Continue reading

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Clan 2oo8

St Andrews, always a favourite place to visit, has been even better this week. Is that because of the gorgeous weather? -well it definitely helps. Is it because of the good company?-life this week would have been less comfortable without … Continue reading

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Wellies are a sign of God’s grace

I’m sat on a bench in the walled garden, on a warm and cloudy day. It promises to be the third scorcher in a row. We only had a few brief showers since we arrived but there are still loads … Continue reading

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Seeing God’s creation

From a lovely lunch alfresco, it was good to be able to step out of the heat of the day (yes, I do mean heat for those of you who find it hard to believe it is ever hot in … Continue reading

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