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A lighter shade of blue

Faithwriters.com challenge entry – Advanced – 16 Nov 2017 – Blue – 3rd place “Isn’t it about time you got rid of those clothes?” Vanessa waved at the wardrobe full of blue dresses. “It’s all I have left of Monica, … Continue reading

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A clash of dates

FaithWriters.com Challenge 27/10/16 – Topic: CALENDAR  – 3rd place “I was here first. You’ve no right to push me out!” The voice was shrill, rising as it spoke. A deeper voice replied, slow and steady, “But I have the greater authority.” “Just … Continue reading

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No room for flabby Christians

Faithwriters.com challenge 20/10/2016 – Topic: Health – 1st Place “One in five children start school obese.” The headlines scream from the newsstands, proclaiming the latest health epidemic. World Health Organisation figures for 2014 indicate a worldwide problem with the highest … Continue reading

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Where the skeletons are buried…

Faithwriters.com Challenge entry 9th September 2016 – Topic: “Skulduggery” The shrill cry of the telephone wrenched Naomi’s attention from the report she was reading. Pausing to steady her breathing, she plucked the receiver from it’s rest. “Yes, Sarah. What is?” Naomi … Continue reading

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The Olde Sweet Shoppe

Originally written for Faithwriters weekly Challenge – Thursday 11th February 2016 – unedited I’ve just eaten a turtle, and it was delicious! Not the kind that swims in the sea and lays its eggs on İztuzu Beach (that’s in Turkey, … Continue reading

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Getting back on the road

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here. In part, it’s because I got busy with work in Berwick Corps, in part because of helping my wife Elizabeth with putting together her dissertation, and in part because we … Continue reading

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Why do I blog?

I got a request from my friend Judith Schultz and realised I hadn’t posted for a while. Here’s why I do (or don’t) blog. Hi Steven I hope you don’t mind me writing to you and requesting your assistance? I … Continue reading

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