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Day 1 over

We survived day 1 of our camping experience unscathed. The weather was beautiful but very windy. We have some bright red patches after a walk in the sun. And at teatime we had to avoid chicken from our casserole flying … Continue reading

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Arrived safely

We are here in St Andrews with three tents erected. Alex and Elizabeth are busy inflating the mattress while Andy makes tea. The rain has subsided for now but we still have plenty of clouds. Maybe we are in for … Continue reading

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Singing in the rain?

It’s late Friday night, and the wind is driving the rain against the windows. In 12 hours we are due to rendezvous with friends en route for CLAN Gathering at St Andrews. We are camping again, though the tent is … Continue reading

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So what was it like for you?

I’m sorry for the silence of recent days. Friday was absorbed with packing up tents ready for a speedy departure after the evening session. Saturday we unpacked and (sort of) prepared for Sunday, which was taken up with meetings and … Continue reading

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What they didn’t tell me at camping school!

Our good friends Andy & Sylvia tried to prepare us well for our adventure under canvas (or in our case, a very nice shade of blue nylon). We came with a variety of footwear from wellies to sandals, lots of … Continue reading

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Day 2 update.

So tired after poor night’s sleep, I spent yesterday afternoon dozing. Went to bed prepared for a cold night, but woke up to blazing sunshine and a clear sky. It’s a beautiful day today. Our choice of seminar is over-subscribed, … Continue reading

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What a night!

Rather cool by the time we went to bed. Trying to arrange two people in a small space on an airbed is quite entertaining! Eventually you get the hang of manoeuvring in your own body space. Surprising how cold it … Continue reading

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Safe arrival

We left Hawick on time at 11am and after two brief stops we rolled onto the CLAN Gathering site shortly after 2pm. It took just over two hours to erect four tents: Andy and Sylvia’s trailer tent, our small igloo … Continue reading

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We’re going on an adventure

That opening line from The Adventure Cruise holiday club theme song seems very appropriate today. Last summer, some friends who had been to CLAN Gathering – a week of worship and Christian teaching held in St Andrews – invited us … Continue reading

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