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Unwrapping the whole gift

Pulpit view for Hawick News 21/12/12 by Major Steven Turner Are you ready for Christmas? All over the country, families and individuals will be wrapping presents, decorating trees and cooking food – a huge amount of work for just one … Continue reading

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Don’t look down!

It’s not that I don’t like heights, they just scare me. I love the mountains and as a child I used to scramble the cliffs at Clevedon. But I don’t enjoy getting up there. So when friends who are staying … Continue reading

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Clan 2oo8

St Andrews, always a favourite place to visit, has been even better this week. Is that because of the gorgeous weather? -well it definitely helps. Is it because of the good company?-life this week would have been less comfortable without … Continue reading

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Thought for the Month – July 2008

Life in the Blood I gave blood for the first time on Monday. it’s a simple and painless process for the donor, yet a matter of life and death for the recipient. A passenger in a road traffic collision, a … Continue reading

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Pot – kettle – black

I’m always astounded at how supposedly rational people use the internet to insult and ridicule each other. Among the subjects that get people riled, the middle east war and alleged anti-semitic or anti-arab statements. Some of the talk pages of … Continue reading

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Entrusted with the future

Returned late last night from officers’ councils at Swanwick. This year’s theme was “Entrusted with the Future”. As always, some attended reluctantly. After five previous sessions, we arrived expecting at least one meeting to speak to us. Nevertheless a few … Continue reading

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