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Thought for the week Berwick Advertiser – 10th October 2013

Over the three months we have lived in Berwick, we have come to enjoy a regular walk along the pier.

Sometimes that involves braving the elements. We are impressed with the solidity of this protective arm. But the pier is only intact because of regular repairs which maintain it in top condition.

In contrast, The Ramparts – formerly a protective shield against invasion – have not been maintained. The strongest parts are still standing, but the smaller walls and buildings have crumbled.

Buildings new or old need maintaining, to ensure our safety and security. Cars require regular fuelling and replacement of worn parts; central heating boilers and computers need regular check-ups.
Likewise we are encouraged to maintain healthy lifestyles to avoid illness and to live longer. Good food, exercise and regular sleep are essential to our wellbeing. And when things go wrong, we head for the doctor’s surgery for a diagnosis and cure.

When things go wrong “inside”, where do we go for help? The Bible records the words of Jesus: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”.

Next time you’re feeling battered by circumstances around you, consult your maker and let him restore you with his strength and peace.


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My wife Elizabeth and I were commissioned as Officers (ministers) in The Salvation Army in 1997, and have served in appointments in England and Scotland. Since July 2016 I have been working in The Salvation Army's Scotland Office as combined parliamentary and ecumenical representative.
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