Does Jesus enjoy “the Apprentice”?

I’ve just watched Week Six of The Apprentice. I must admit I was pleased to see Alex go. We know he only survived last week because Lord Sugar knew Paloma had set him up. It was rather nasty of him to do the same to Sandeesh.

The only problem I have with this series is that every week I have to ask myself the same question: do I have the same faults that lead to these candidates being fired?

I don’t think I’ve ever set someone up like Paloma did to Alex. But I’ve certainly gone of half-cocked as Chris did with the Germ-O-Nator. I’ve made excuses like Alex; I’ve hidden behind appearance of business like Sandeesh; and like Laura I’ve not resisted sufficiently when I knew something was wrong.

Jesus told the parable about the speck and the plank for exactly that reason. (Matt 7:3-5). Certainly that was the downfall for Paloma and Alex. Let’s pray it doesn’t end like that for you and me!

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