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Monday passed in a bit of a blur. General tiredness, exhaustion from ministry and an over long walk in the sun on Sunday afternoon left me rather dopey on Monday morning.

The night before we heard Heidi Baker describe amazing experiences of healing and revival in Mozambique. But her style was a little way out for us. As Elizabeth described her, she is so blown away by God and her experiences, she can’t explain them to most Christians in this country.

So when we had a second encounter of what she describes as presence preaching, my tiredness overwhelmed me and I slept through it all. I also slept for an hour in the afternoon, hence the lack of blogging.

Please don’t think I’m knocking Heidi. She obviously loves God and has a great ministry. But most of us have no context in which to understand it and perhaps are a little afraid of God’s power.

Anyway Monday evening Pete Greig of 24/7 Prayer picked up Heidi’s theme of transition and acceleration. He spoke with great humour and simplicity about 24/7 and God’s working through ordinary people.

Pete listed three things necessary to cope with an accelerating transition.

First, People. Identify the key people God has placed in your life, and invest in those relationships.

Second, prayer. Nothing from God ever moves without prayer. And the only way to gain the necessary strength is through prayer.

Third, Priorities. As God gives new tasks, some of the old tasks must be delegated or dropped. The People and Prayer may help to identify priorities.

This very much ties in with what has been happening in the Borders. We have a real sense of God bringing together the mini-CLAN event and creating a bond between the ministers involved. We look forward to what God has in store for the Borders.

(Edited 7 May 2012 for minor errors)

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