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Reflections on mini-CLAN Borders

I’m on my way to Southend andremembered my promise to comment on mini-CLAN. Most people I have spoken to thought it was a success. Certainly the ministers involved were pleased with the response. For me, the highlight was Kenny Borthwick … Continue reading

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Hang-em all!?

I’ve just watched the Question Time special on the MPs’ expenses scandal. My concerns over this affair have been justified. I have no sympathy for any MP who has either broken the law or milked the system. But my personal … Continue reading

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My story in 60 words

Following on from the Bible in 50 Words, we were asked to write a summary of our own lives. (Actually we had 60 boxes on the page!) Here’s mine. Born SeasideOfficers’ KidBrotherMidlandsSchoolBitReadingThiefNorthLeaky RoofTin BathPolice StationBirthday MoveJunior SoldierOrange JumperSister11+ in officeGrammar … Continue reading

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The Bible in 50 words

At a recent Salvation Army singers’ retreat, we were given the passage below: The Bible in 50 WordsGod MadeAdam BitNoah ArkedAbraham SplitJoseph RuledJacob FooledBush TalkedMoses BaulkedPharaoh PlaguedPeople WalkedSea DividedTablets GuidedPromise LandedSaul FreakedDavid PeekedProphets WarnedJesus BornGod WalkedLove TalkedAnger CrucifiedHope DiedLove RoseSpirit … Continue reading

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The Wanderer Returns

Hi! I’m Back!! I apologise to my (rare?) readers for a prolonged absence. After a family bereavement we have just been plain tired – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I know it’s good to express these things, but it’s hard doing … Continue reading

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