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What was that about?

I said in a previous post that I was puzzled by the session with Brent Borthwick of Fresh Fire Ministries. I’d seen the one-hour God TV presentation of the Florida Healing Outpouring. I thought it all a bit strange. Recognising … Continue reading

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So what was it like for you?

I’m sorry for the silence of recent days. Friday was absorbed with packing up tents ready for a speedy departure after the evening session. Saturday we unpacked and (sort of) prepared for Sunday, which was taken up with meetings and … Continue reading

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Clan 2oo8

St Andrews, always a favourite place to visit, has been even better this week. Is that because of the gorgeous weather? -well it definitely helps. Is it because of the good company?-life this week would have been less comfortable without … Continue reading

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Wellies are a sign of God’s grace

I’m sat on a bench in the walled garden, on a warm and cloudy day. It promises to be the third scorcher in a row. We only had a few brief showers since we arrived but there are still loads … Continue reading

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Seeing God’s creation

From a lovely lunch alfresco, it was good to be able to step out of the heat of the day (yes, I do mean heat for those of you who find it hard to believe it is ever hot in … Continue reading

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What they didn’t tell me at camping school!

Our good friends Andy & Sylvia tried to prepare us well for our adventure under canvas (or in our case, a very nice shade of blue nylon). We came with a variety of footwear from wellies to sandals, lots of … Continue reading

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Surfed out!

Barbecues are lighting up all around as I sit peacefully on a warm sunny evening. We’ve been to the beach where I played in the surf until I got several mouthfuls of salty water. Not very pleasant. Don Williams spoke … Continue reading

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Biblical DNA – Mike Breen

Saturday evening session began with a half-hour of singing worship songs. Most I didn’t recognise, but one advantage of singing everything two or three times is you soon catch on. Took a while for me to connect – it’s a … Continue reading

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Day 2 update.

So tired after poor night’s sleep, I spent yesterday afternoon dozing. Went to bed prepared for a cold night, but woke up to blazing sunshine and a clear sky. It’s a beautiful day today. Our choice of seminar is over-subscribed, … Continue reading

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What a night!

Rather cool by the time we went to bed. Trying to arrange two people in a small space on an airbed is quite entertaining! Eventually you get the hang of manoeuvring in your own body space. Surprising how cold it … Continue reading

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