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Unaccustomed stillness

Accustomed as I am to speaking, both publicly and privately, I find it very difficult to be quiet. Even when not conversing aloud I tend to hold discussions in my head. Silence and contemplation do not come naturally to me … Continue reading

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Entrusted with the future

Returned late last night from officers’ councils at Swanwick. This year’s theme was “Entrusted with the Future”. As always, some attended reluctantly. After five previous sessions, we arrived expecting at least one meeting to speak to us. Nevertheless a few … Continue reading

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Lead me higher up the mountain

(From my journal 17/09/2007 11:35) I’ve just climbed the Miller’s Knowes, a hill about half-a-mile from my house which gives a commanding view of most of Hawick. It also exposes you to the wind, whatever time of year you climb … Continue reading

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Communicating for a change

Last December I started recording Sunday morning meetings for our folk who can’t make it to the hall. At first I made copies on cassette, but it took too long. So in January I began making CDs. Going back to … Continue reading

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Aliens and Strangers

(Originally from my journal 28/08/2007) Hawick Corps is currently sojourning across the river in Wilton parish. We’ve been loaned their Boys Brigade Chapel whilst our hall is rewired and receives new toilets. Our hall was built in the early sixties … Continue reading

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Up from Down Under

(Originally from my journal 27/08/2007) As a strong proponent of church unity, I feel slightly guilty (but only slightly ) at missing two consecutive joint services. Last Sunday evening was Together in Praise at the Congregational church. But my cousin … Continue reading

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People in Glass Houses…

(thought for the month October 2007) “Maddie’s body kept in fridge” (The Sun 29/09/07): the headlines scream from the front pages. Whilst still broadly supportive of Gerry and Kate McCann, the British press has no problem printing the latest rumours … Continue reading

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