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Is this the reason?

In answer to a question I posed earlier, here is part of the answer: For most of my life, holiness has been a conviction and a passion. As a candidate, and hopefully a younger officer, there was an urgency to … Continue reading

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Promises, Promises!

My promises may not be up to much, but God’s take some beating. Here’s the first of my sermons I’ve uploaded: Promises: Promises

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Hear the man on-line

Want to get your sermons on-line? Try the Sermon Player. It’s free for a year (I think) via a link on Sermon and relatively easy to use. Look at the bottom of the page for latest releases, starting with … Continue reading

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How readily we ascribe to truth, then find ways to deny it when it proves inconvenient. I’m currently reading Totally Sufficient, a series of essays on biblical counselling. The premise of the book is that the Bible is sufficient to … Continue reading

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Why am I an officer?

It used to be called “The longest, hardest, most satisfying job in The Salvation Army.” I think it’s probably still true. There are days when being an officer feels like being the toilet cleaner in a school where messing the … Continue reading

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Death or Glory?

In our corps at the moment we are struggling with the business of death. Four funerals in two months has depleted our roll. We’d like to see them as victories for faithful soldiers, but the pain of losing lifelong friends … Continue reading

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Welcome back

I read somewhere that bloggers should write for themselves, regardless of whether others would read. Concern for others’ opinions leads to dishonesty in writing. I obviously ignored this advice, since when life took a downturn my blogging stopped. I’m now … Continue reading

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