J- -Y, J- -Y, surely that must mean others don’t count

J-O-Y, J-O-Y

Surely that must mean
Jesus first, yourself last
And others in between
Some Salvationists love to sing the old choruses. But perhaps we need to challenge ourselves over their meaning. Reflecting on recent conversations in our corps, I hear comments like, “But they haven’t been in the Army long.” This suggests that time in uniform determines the level of influence someone should have. Of course, anyone with less years than me has no right to suggest altering what we do.
But then, we gradually find that there are no others in our Army – only those with a lifetime of service. The chorus would then become:
J- -Y,
or even
A-M (Army, me)
If we don’t get the “others” back in our sights and in our hearts, there’ll be no Army to attach ourselves to!

About prophetable

My wife Elizabeth and I were commissioned as Officers (ministers) in The Salvation Army in 1997, and have served in appointments in England and Scotland. Since July 2016 I have been working in The Salvation Army's Scotland Office as combined parliamentary and ecumenical representative.
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